Sameta has organized a seminar on the responsibilities of companies management for one of Russia's largest power companies


On June 16, 2017 Sameta law firm has conducted a seminar for a top management of one of the largest power generating companies of Russia. Sameta experts discussed with the participants the cases of bringing the company's management to responsibility, and also potential risks of criminal prosecution for the damages caused to the company.

The program of the seminar included the following issues:

1. Civil-legal responsibility;

2. Risks of criminal persecution;

3. Responsibility of management on tax donaccessions;

4. Responsibility of management bodies at bankruptcy.

The key speakers were:

  • On the issues of civil legal responsibility: Olga Snitserova, Head of Corporate Practice and Margarita Sologubenko, Head of Corporate Restructuring Practice;
  • On the topic of management responsibility for tax charge-sharing: Semen Dergachev, a Senior Lawyer of the Sameta Tax Practice.

Another topic that aroused great interest among the audience was the presentation of the invited speaker - Nikolai Kulik, a Criminal Lawyer and Chairman of the Intellect Alliance. Nikolay's report included numerous examples from the personal practice and disclosed the following issues: return of an entrepreneurial article on fraud to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation; in which cases the criminal liability of the manager occurs; actions of companys top management aimed to reduce the risks of criminal prosecution, as well as the pros and cons of various preventive measures.