Employment and Remuneration

The Sameta practice group that specializes in employment law and employee incentives has more than 15 years experience advising on such issues in Russia. We can solve the most diverse employment-related tasks: from drafting internal corporate regulations to representing clients before the regulatory authorities; from due diligence of compliance with employment law to the preparation of recommendations on employer-employee relationships with due account for specifics of the clients business.

Our lawyers have represented numerous clients in employment disputes and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Recently one of the most sought-after services offered by Sameta has been advice on salaries and remuneration, including creation and support of long-term incentive schemes for management.

Sametas highly qualified legal professionals advise foreign and Russian companies in various sectors of the economy, including energy, IT, telecommunications and others.

Services offered by our Employment and Remuneration group include:

  • Legal advice on employment relations, remuneration and bonuses, including with respect to employees who are foreign nationals (including those meeting the criteria for highly qualified specialists);
  • Due diligence of incentive and bonus schemes, and assessment of the risks for companies and for participants in such schemes (corporate and tax risks);
  • Development and legal support of long-term incentive and bonus schemes, including stock options and phantom share option schemes. Turnkey implementation, including:
    • assessment of legal, financial and tax aspects of incentive and bonus schemes, and advice on the optimal mechanisms for their implementation;
    • drafting of all documentation required to implement incentive and bonus schemes;
    • full legal and organizational support of such schemes, including procurement of corporate approvals, determination of results and exercise of options, representation in negotiations with participants in such schemes, and resolution of disputes;
  • Drafting and legal advice on all types of employment-related documentation, including internal corporate regulations, by-laws on protection of personal data, internal codes of conduct, etc.;
  • Due diligence of payroll systems and human resources documentation (paperwork and files) to assess compliance with applicable law;
  • Legal advice on restructuring employment relations, including through downsizing and staff reduction in the cases provided for by law (corporate restructuring, redundancy, liquidation etc.);
  • Legal advice on investigations into accidents in the workplace, employment disputes and/or conflicts, and collective bargaining agreements, including relations with trade union organizations;
  • Representing clients in disputes over payment of salary, incentives, bonuses, severance packages (golden parachutes) and other employment-related matters;
  • Representing companies before state employment regulators.