Sameta has taken mandates from various power companies to tackle issues faced in the course of their day-to-day operations and in structuring their business. The legal professionals at Sameta have extensive experience handling complex matters involving a range of corporate, business and tax issues, including tax accounting of complicated business operations.

Sameta is also highly experienced litigating various types of cases involving companies in the electric power industry, including contractual and tax disputes over the sale of electricity and capacity, value balances, process and business losses, financial and tax accounting of transactions, accrual of depreciation, VAT refunds, and others. Mediation of tax disputes is another area in which Sameta excels.

Sameta’s services include the following:

  • Advising on Russian tax legislation and the application of international tax treaties, transfer pricing, structuring of intra-group relations in the electric power industry and corporate tax planning
  • Tax due diligence in the framework of M&A and when preparing for field tax audits; business restructuring of entities in the electric power industry
  • Full support of desk tax audits and field tax audits of power companies, including:

  • - advising and providing recommendations on issues arising in the course of tax audits
    - representing power industry entities before the tax authorities, including reviewing audit materials and lodging appeals against decisions of tax inspectorates with more senior tax authorities
    - litigating tax disputes in Russian commercial courts at all levels
    - legal support of the return or set-off of excess tax paid and VAT refunds sought by entities in the electric power industry
  • Advising on corporate reorganization and transactions on the acquisition/disposition of stakes, shares and assets of organizations in the electric power industry to ensure compliance with competition law requirements, the legislation governing natural monopolies and the legislation regulating foreign investment in strategic sectors of the Russian economy
  • Advising on corporate events (general meetings, meetings of the board of directors) and the procedures for increasing/decreasing charter capital, including the issuance of additional shares, buy-back and mandatory buy-back of shares/participatory interests, and information disclosure
  • Preparation and implementation of employee stock option programmes, drafting of employment contracts and internal corporate regulations, representation in corporate conflicts, protection of shareholder rights
  • Advising on cross-border transactions, multi-jurisdictional business operations and the application of international law to projects in the electric power sector
  • Due diligence of title to real estate; advising on, structuring and supporting land transactions
  • Support of investment projects, including:

  • - legal services for employers, developers and investors
    - drafting of agreements used in the construction of real estate
    - advising on management, maintenance and operation of real estate
  • Real estate development, including:

  • - advising on and monitoring the preparation of front-end engineering and design documentation under investment and construction projects
    - arrangement and conduct of tenders
    - advising on and monitoring the compilation of initial permit documentation
    - advising on design and survey work and construction and assembly work
    - procurement of permit documentation for construction
    - co-ordination of contractors’ performance of construction and assembly work
    - commissioning of facilities and registration of title

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