Gold Mining and Jewellery

Sameta offers a full range of legal services to gold mining and jewellery companies. Our mandates have ranged from tax, corporate, real estate and land matters to corporate finance and valuation, litigation and dispute resolution.

Our experience includes advising on a broad spectrum of legal issues, both at the stage of acquisition/disposition of stakes in mining and metals companies and at the stage of structuring the relationships in the chain of mining, refining and sale of precious metals.

We have advised gold mining companies that are part of Russias largest vertically integrated holdings in relation to tax audits, contesting the results of audits in court, and claiming back VAT, including on exports.

Sameta has the resources to carry out tax due diligence of the largest gold mining companies and to advise on various aspects of the tax legislation, all types of tax and duty established by Russian law, and on the application of various tax regimes and international tax treaties. Our advice is not limited to off-the-shelf solutions; we can find novel approaches to resolving the most complex issues.

Specialists from our Litigation and Dispute Resolution group have handled numerous disputes involving leading companies in the gold mining and jewellery industries.

Sametas services include:

  • Formulation, implementation and support of corporate policies for centralized tax risk management and the creation of transfer pricing department, including:

  • formulation of best practices and internal corporate standards and rules;
    ongoing support of the processes involved in centralized management of the above structures.
  • Corporate tax planning and structuring of corporate relations within holdings with a view to minimization of tax risks and tax optimization
  • Due diligence of companies in the framework of M&A and business restructuring, and tax due diligence in preparation for a field tax audit
  • Legal support in relation to desk and field tax audits, including:

  • prompt advice on document requests by auditors;
    recommending changes to be made to documentation to minimize the risk of tax claims;
    prevention of unlawful tax control measures;
    identifying 'areas of focus' by auditors and representing clients in negotiations with auditors to prevent any premature conclusion that tax violations have been committed.
  • Representing taxpayers before the tax authorities
  • Representing clients in litigation and alternative dispute resolution, including advising on:
  • calculation and payment of taxes;
  • resolution of employment disputes;
  • trademark rights and copyright.
  • Legal support of M&A, including cross-border transactions
  • Protecting shareholder rights, including against hostile takeovers
  • Advising on corporate activities, including shareholders' agreements and participants agreements under Russian law
  • Advising on competition law (protection of competition), including analysis of transactions to assess proper disclosure and/or procurement of the necessary permits and approvals from government regulators
  • Advising on foreign investment in strategic companies
  • Advising on international tax law, private international law and foreign trade

Land and real estate:

  • Due diligence of real estate upon acquisition of gold mining companies
  • Structuring and support of land transactions
  • Lease relations

Construction of facilities of gold mining companies:

  • Advising on and direct involvement in preparing and drafting business plans under investment and construction projects
  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Advising on front-end engineering and design documentation
  • Legal services in support of employers, developers and investors
  • Arrangement and conduct of tenders
  • Advising on compilation of initial permit documentation. Support of engineering and design
  • Procurement of all permit documentation for construction
  • Co-ordination of contractors performance of construction and assembly work
  • Commissioning of facilities and registration of title