Construction and Development

Sameta has extensive experience on a wide range of successful projects. We offer top-notch legal advice on all aspects of construction, acquisition, disposition, management and operation of real estate assets in all segments of the market.

The Sameta legal team provides legal and tax advice to investors, project owners and developers on matters such as the structuring of real estate investments, land acquisitions, Brownfield and Greenfield projects, due diligence of real estate in any regions of Russia to identify encumbrances and other legal risks and evaluate the prospects of their mitigation, optimization of property management, support of lease transactions (Class A and B+ business centres, street retail) on the side of the tenant or the landlord, resolution of unusual land issues, litigation etc.

Our services include the following:

Real estate and land

  • Due diligence of companies’ and holdings’ title to real estate, restrictions and encumbrances, and the risks associated with ownership, use and disposition of real estate, including for the purposes of decreasing/increasing its assessed value
  • Preparation of opinions addressing the legal risks associated with investment in or sale/acquisition of real estate and mechanisms of mitigating the risks identified
  • Structuring and advising on transactions with land and real estate (sale and purchase, lease, mortgage, investment, assignment etc.) under a complex approach that takes into account the tax implications
  • Resolving complex land issues, including land reservation, compulsory purchase, privatization and recategorization. Preparation of opinions on the prospects of use of land plots

Investment projects

  • Full support of investment projects and legal formalization of relations and obligations between the participants in investment projects (utilizing any preferential treatment under foreign law)
  • Legal services in support of project owners, real estate developers and investors. Formulation of financing arrangements, organizational and legal models, and legal algorithms for the successful realization of investment projects
  • Advising and representing clients before the authorities responsible for technical inventory-taking of real estate and the registration authorities, and with regard to registration of rights to real estate and real estate transactions (including complex cases)
  • Advising and representing clients whose operations are being reviewed by the regulatory authorities to verify compliance with the legislation governing the construction and operation of real estate and real estate transactions


  • Arranging project finance (where necessary) from credit institutions. Provision of advice and direct participation in formulating business plans for real estate development projects
  • Management of the processes of preparation, compilation and approval of land management files and of registration of rights to land for the design, construction and operation of residential and commercial real estate
  • Providing legal advice on preparations for and holding of tenders for specific types of work/services under real estate development projects. Negotiating with potential contractors to secure the best terms. Preparation and approval of, and monitoring adherence to, work schedules, quality indicators, financial parameters, and deliveries of building materials and equipment
  • Management of the process of procurement of initial permit documentation (title documents and official documents, including the territory plan, town-planning plan for the land plot, town-planning decision, architecture planning assignment and technical conditions)
  • Organization and management of the engineering supervision service. Organization and control of field supervision
  • Preparation of documents required for commissioning and registration of title to new real estate. Obtaining new title documents to replace those that have been lost
  • Advising and representing clients before the authorities responsible for technical inventory-taking of real estate, the registration authorities, and other relevant agencies when registering rights to real estate and real estate transactions

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