Ally Law is an association of more than 60 full-service law firms with over 2,400 lawyers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Ally Law is an exclusive product offered by the International Alliance of Law Firms (IALF), which was founded 26 years ago and of which Sameta has been a member for more than five years.

Ally Law is the result of a joint initiative by Sameta and several law firms in the IALF, who were subsequently joined by all the other members in 42 countries. Ally Law is not only an association of law firms – it is a new international legal service.

Ally Law enables Sameta to offer its clients global services while maintaining the cost of services at the level of local law firms.

Client benefits

Ally Law was created to give clients the opportunity to obtain global law services using the resources of partner companies. The common objective of Ally Law members is to combine the best legal advice with the use of local experience in commercial solutions and litigation expertise. Sameta is the only Russian member of Ally Law.

Ally Law sets the same high standards of client services for all its members. All the member firms of Ally Law undergo a strict selection procedure and must adhere to international standards of client services. Ally Law also monitors how client requirements are satisfied.

  • Ally Law provides access to carefully vetted and selected law firms in major international economic centers, meaning that participating companies can approach partners to meet their clients’ needs outside their own jurisdictions with assurance.
  • The member firms of Ally Law provide their clients with quality legal services at local prices in every country where Ally Law has a presence, using the local experience and capabilities of partner firms without concern for any restrictions the head offices of global law firms may impose on their offices in other countries on the basis of their home country’s legislation.
  • Ally Law is based on long-term relationships. Long-term relationships are an obvious advantage to Sameta clients, since even small legal services will receive special attention from a firm that has, perhaps, not previously worked with that client.
  • The legal independence of the member firms of Ally Law enables Sameta to avoid problems with conflicts of interest that frequently arise for global law firms
  • Ally Law provides member firms with fast access to the knowledge of firms in foreign jurisdictions. For members of Ally Law this important benefit is available without needing to open and maintain a foreign office, which has a positive effect on the cost of services.
  • The Ally Law head office works with member firms to ensure they work effectively with each other, from resolving individual problems and maintaining efforts to develop legal practices, to coordinating and assisting in obtaining effective advice on specific client projects.
  • In addition to legal knowledge, Ally Law gives clients access to the influence in the business community and governmental authorities of law firms in other countries.

The Ally Law brand is essentially an abbreviation of the concept of the alliance. Ally Law is law firms becoming allies (Ally) in law (Law). The motto of Ally Law, “We get it and we get it done”, reflects the attitude of firms that have joined together for the sole purpose of providing highly-effective legal services, genuine assistance.

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