Professional Standards

For Sameta, quality of service is an absolute priority.

Sameta always remains client-focused, which means that we analyse our clients business to gain a clear understanding of their short-term objectives and strategic plans.

When preparing advice, Sameta always takes into account all possible factors (legal, commercial and other) that may strengthen the clients position.

To ensure the very highest standards of service the firm invests in the following:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Sameta invests in a variety of training and development programmes, maintains databases of best practices, and carries out analytical work to support our specialists continuing professional development.

  • Creation of Competence Centres
  • Resources and instructional materials are put at the disposal of every senior lawyer (and expert) at the firm, enabling them to acquire industry-specific knowledge that not only complements their professional expertise but broadens their understanding of the sector in general.

  • Mentoring
  • The firms mentoring scheme is a key aspect of our internal professional development programme. It ensures each persons individual strengths are put to best use for the success of the team as a whole.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • An important element in Sametas growth strategy is social responsibility. We do not engage in sponsorships or undertake charitable projects, as we believe we can offer the greatest public benefit by focusing our efforts on what we do best. For this reason we contribute to improving the Russian economic and legal environment by offering pro bono advice to small and medium-sized businesses that are members of the non-governmental organization Opora Russia.

  • Publicity
  • Not a week goes by that Sameta is not mentioned in leading national and professional media such as Vedomosti, Kommersant and RBC daily. Sameta lawyers have authored numerous articles and commentaries that have appeared in the professional literature and a wide range of business publications. We regularly hold seminars and client briefings to discuss changes in the legislation and effective solutions.

  • Expertise
  • Some of our specialists are members of the Community Council of the Central Office of the Federal Tax Service. In this role they draft proposals to improve the Russian tax legislation and tax control measures, playing an active part in the legislative process.